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The power of communication in HR and Recruitment

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Your company is your people

The stronger your team is the more robust your business. When great talent, and candid relationships surround you, you are more likely to achieve more. When you're supported to achieve your best potential, and you're able to support others to achieve theirs, the company will go from strength to strength and the results will speak for themselves.

Communications is at the heart of effective leadership and building strong relations within your team and among your staff. With every marketing strategy, a key stakeholder and most effective channel of communication is within the people you employ - they are often also your most expensive yet most valuable assets.

Share your business objectives and ask them to help you to achieve them

Building relationships with employees and job seekers

Your team represent your business and product in sales, account management, partnership liaison and product development. A team that truly understands what you are trying to achieve, invests in their role to achieve it, and believes in the direction of the business. Engaged employees will deliver the extra energy and vigour you need to propel your business forward to extra growth.

Furthermore, communications, and especially media relations, can be a profitable channel to communicate your values, beliefs and business success to attract the best talent to your organisation. A strong position in the media will make you easily searchable with solid coverage on your business activity - and depending on the type of publication, will give you access to more experience and talented individuals.

Why is communication in HR so powerful? Brand development

If your business is going through a rebranding or repositioning in the market, you need to involve your staff to avoid leaving them feeling isolated, disenfranchised or irrelevant to the future of your business.

When everyone is working together towards a common goal, its more achievable and rewarding - after all, everyone can then celebrate together

You need to treat them as key stakeholders that they are to achieve the growth and opportunity available, taking their thoughts, ideas, opinions into consideration will show you value them. And, you never know what creativity and innovation that may transpire from involving them in the process.

Your team will get behind you and help breathe life into the new position and brand identity that will lead to quicker implementation of the ideas throughout the industry.

Why is communication in recruitment so worthwhile? Expansion

When a business is expanding and needs to recruit large numbers of employees, or is looking for experienced senior professionals, or specific skills, shouting about their success will enable them to build recognition with a wider audience and help gain access to the talent pool.

Begin securing the high quality talent that will propel your business forward to greater success and sustainability

You need to consider running a business profile communications campaign where you engage with the media, build conversation online (especially LinkedIn) and create a buzz through the industry. Word of mouth is the best form of recommendation to be noticed, and trusted by the best talent on the market.

A PR campaign will communicate your growth and embed your values and beliefs, while allowing you to demonstrate your business as a specialist in its field.

Ignoring your stakeholders can leave you out in the cold, but by ensuring that your business communicates openly and creatively involves your employees will help your business go from strength to strength.

Key issues in a business where there is no strong employee communications engagement strategy:

1. high employee turnover rate

2. high absenteeism

3. low results across the company

4. low customer satisfaction levels

5. poor ratings on glassdoor

6. low levels of applicants for vacant roles

7. little skills development

8. lack of skills in team

9. departments working in silos

10. mixed messages of brand, company situation

NOTE: these are just some of the measurable to benchmark.

If you suffer from any or a number of these issues, get in contact and we can build a plan to help improve your communications internally and externally for the business - through your staff. Drop me a line / 07919 510051

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