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What makes our relationships successful

Successful PR and Marketing starts from having a clear business objective and commercial goals. At Haynes MarComs we work closely with our clients to define the impact that PR and marcomms activities must have on the business. From here, we provide proposals to support this journey. Should you have a specific programme or campaign in mind, please share your brief - and we will explain how we can facilitate your ideas.


Where we have the best relationships and make the most impact are those companies that: -


  • Are under development, growth or change. The leadership is committed to a vision and goal (or defining one).

  • Invest in the process as much as the desire to see specific results - we support you to deliver. If you don’t have the time, we are not the right partner.

  • Recognise that the most effective marcomms programmes work towards complete buy-in across your organisation.

  • Your value proposition stands on its own with evidence and proof points. Without customer success, testimonials and both qualitative and quantitative insights, you'll hit a ceiling. We help you smash this. 

Building a pipeline: Crafting a value proposition to hit a profitable audience

The situation: bridging the gap between perception and reality

Struggling for traction in the marketplace, the sales team kept hitting roadblocks; the company’s core offering was not resonating in new business meetings, and

where they won business, there was a lack of clarity around why they’d been successful.


They were trapped in a cycle of doing sales activity for activity’s sake unable to assess, refine and evolve. 

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Haynes Marcoms is a tremendous asset to Mentor Group and considered an extension of our marketing team. They have been highly influential in developing our Marketing and PR Strategies, contributing to us having a record year in a hugely competitive marketplace. The Haynes team has gone out of their way to understand our industry - this dedication allowed us to come top in two global industry awards and second in a third against globally renowned companies with budgets that dwarfed our own. We could not have chosen a better PR and Marketing partner which has allowed us to be a modern-day David to take on the Goliaths

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Mark Neave

Brand and Marketing Manager

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