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Public Relations when emerging from a crisis

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

COVID-19 has shown the power of PR and how you can get it very right, and also very wrong. Companies quickly pivoted their offerings through PR, gaining immediate recognition of their efforts. We saw some businesses get it so wrong it caused public backlash.

PR helps raise your business’ profile, build commercial partnerships, manage stakeholder communications and brand reputation. Whether you’re looking to impress investors, grow your client base, attract talented staff or boost your website’s SEO, PR should work in tandem with your overall business strategy.

Take a collaborative approach with senior teams in sales, product and customer services to build a communications roadmap with key business milestones to form part of your content. Use a mix of owned, paid-for and ‘earned’ media to raise the awareness of your company and engage with your target audience.

Consider timely thought-leadership pieces, positioning senior spokespeople as experts in their field partaking in digital conferences and discussion.

Set measurable results through metrics like website traffic, database acquisition, sales growth, and brand awareness and sentiment.

Amplify your company’s brand and proposition to relevant stakeholders:

  • Targeted media sell-in

  • Opinion and thought leadership pieces

  • Press releases on news events tapping into topical themes

  • Partnership programmes with other businesses

  • Building partnerships with influencers

  • Trade associations and partners

  • Media and presentation training for spokespeople

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