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Press Release: Spotta & Stainbusters Cleaning Join Forces to Offer Bed Bug Protection

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Stainbusters Cleaning & Hygiene Services appointed reseller partner for Spotta’s smart 24/7 bed bug monitoring technology.

6 December 2021: Spotta Smart Pest Systems has partnered with Stainbusters Cleaning & Hygiene Services as part of a strategic programme to bring full-service smart bed bug detection and treatment to accommodation-based businesses.

With customers throughout the UK, Stainbusters Cleaning & Hygiene is a well-established, busy industrial cleaning and hygiene company. Using environmentally friendly products, the Yorkshire based company has built a reputation for excellent customer service and efficient treatments of bed bug infestations as part of its hygiene services.

Spotta’s AI technology provides a smart, always-on bed bug monitoring system that enables the detection of incoming bed bugs. It consists of small wireless communication pods that contain a natural bed bug lure. When an insect enters the pod, its species is verified and an email notifies the customer of the pest’s precise location. This enables early action to be taken - saving time, money, reputation and the disruption that a major bed bug infestation can cause to hotels, care homes and housing associations.

Simon Testa, CEO of Stainbusters Cleaning & Hygiene, says: “Whether in flats, care homes or hotels, bed bugs have consistently been one of our top call-outs over the last decade. Whilst we can treat infestations, it can be a time-intensive and costly process for some clients. Spotta’s technology gives us the opportunity to help our clients get ahead of the tiny pests. Their pods are unobtrusive and the early detection Spotta provides means our clients can save on treatment costs as we can intervene before an infestation settles in. We’ve been looking for an innovative solution to bed bugs for some time, and Spotta’s system is easy to use and proven to work; it’s a natural fit for our accommodation customers.”

Robert Fryers, CEO of Spotta, says: “Stainbusters Cleaning & Hygiene has a strong track record of delivering high quality, professional cleaning, infection control and decontamination. Our smart bed bug technology enables them to add a complementary service to their portfolio of cleaning and hygiene treatments. By offering our technology to their commercial accommodation customers as an early warning system, they’ll be able to provide the most timely and targeted treatment to their clients. By partnering with Spotta, we believe Stainbusters will be regarded as one of the country’s most proactive hygiene companies.”

Offering unique detection and 24/7 monitoring solutions, Spotta’s smart systems allow businesses to react early and in a targeted manner to the presence of pests. This early action leads to a reduction in pesticide use in treatment and minimizes overall damage caused by pests, controlling them before large scale infestations can take hold. Spotta uses computer vision (to detect and classify the pests), a dedicated communication network (to notify of pests’ presence) and custom-designed hardware, for ‘fit and forget’ installation. Its accommodation solution, the Bed Pod, has a 94.2% detection rate in detecting the presence of bed bugs.

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About Spotta Founded in 2018 in Cambridge, UK, Spotta is utilising the latest technology to revolutionize pest control, shifting the industry from reactive to proactive.

Offering unique solutions to detect and monitor pests wherever they might be found - Spotta’s solutions include Pods to detect bed bugs in hotels and multi-room residential accommodation, Pine Weevils in forests and Palm Weevils in date farms. Spotta’s smart pest systems allow pest controllers to react early and in a targeted manner to the presence of pests. This early action leads to a reduction in pesticides used in treatment and minimizes overall damage caused by pests as they are treated before large scale infestations can take hold.

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