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Press Release: SIHOT Empowers Hoteliers to Work Smarter

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

New business intelligence tool SIHOT.INSIGHTS offers dynamic, comprehensive reports built on extensive data capabilities

Germany, 28th September 2021: SIHOT, one of the leading, modular hotel management software systems, is empowering hoteliers with a new Business Intelligence tool.

SIHOT.INSIGHTS lets hoteliers review performance by department, and overall revenue contribution with tailored reports for specific business insights. Within unpredictable markets, hoteliers can proactively respond to changing conditions utilising historic and forecast values for custom time periods.

The new tool provides real-time comprehensive reports, presenting commercial performance insights in a highly visual and dynamic way. Making it easy for users to interpret the extensive data capabilities, the user interface is intuitive, accessible to senior management and revenue and operational teams of all levels.

“Hoteliers value data in making smart business decisions, but too often, we found hoteliers getting bogged down in creating reports or interpreting what they were looking at,” said Carsten Wernet, Executive Board Member, SIHOT.

“The new SIHOT.INSIGHTS tool is designed for hotel teams to have a single source of truth, providing a visual snapshot of operations and revenues for any moment in time. This will help them make informed decisions about the direction of their business.”

Driven by automation for ease in generating frequently-used reports, SIHOT.INSIGHTS integrates with SIHOT’s wider product portfolio, making the company one of the only PMS providers with a fully-integrated Business Insight solution.

SIHOT.INSIGHTS is easily incorporated as part of hotels’ wider Microsoft tech stacks and accessible across all devices working. It can work with other data sources or power existing applications utilising SIHOT as a flexible and open structure.

Through SIHOT.INSIGHTS, management and departments can assess performance and booking lead times and market segments across multiple properties to understand customer value. SIHOT.INSIGHTS will soon be complemented by F&B reports to support a wider total management strategy.

“Like all our products, SIHOT.INSIGHTS has been developed by hoteliers for hoteliers,” continued Wernet. “It’s important to us that it makes life easier for hotel teams, giving them all the information they need at their fingertips to empower them to make smart business decisions. Whether working as part of our PMS or calling on information from multiple data points, SIHOT.INSIGHTS will help hotels set their strategy and assess its performance.”

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SIHOT from GUBSE AG is one of the leading, modular hotel management software systems designed for leisure resorts, hotel chains, mice hotels and hostels. The SIHOT hotel management platform covers all operational processes with full customization, offering a highly qualitative and complete property management solution.

The SIHOT product portfolio includes a comprehensive property management system (PMS), hotel booking engine, point of sale (POS) system, and event management (C&B) platform. SIHOT is a modular suite which can be fully integrated, or managed as standalone systems in the cloud as a SaaS, with complementary mobile management apps, or onsite.

Established in 1986, GUBSE AG employs around 200 people at seven global locations with SIHOT used in around 3,500 top hotels worldwide. Among SIHOT’s global customers include Best Western Hotels & Resorts, Motel One, FTI Group, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Meininger Hotels, Mantra hotels resorts and apartments, Alannia Resorts and Collegium Glashütten Zentrum für Kommunikation GmbH.

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