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Press Release: InterContinental London - The O2 increases spa booking value 38%

Integrated systems have rejuvenated business and replaced slow manual tasks with smooth digital experiences for staff and guests

InterContinental London - The O2 increases spa booking value 38%

Cheltenham, UK - 13 December 2023: InterContinental London - The O2 has increased the performance of its spa by improving its digital booking system with the integration of Premier Software and onejourney.


Since implementing the new booking flow, the hotel has seen a 30% increase in average products per booking, 38% increase in appointment value with a 60% increase in package deposits over six months.


Within walking distance of one of London’s top entertainment venues, the InterContinental London - The O2 is a destination hotel and spa on the River Thames. Its luxurious spa includes swimming pools, sauna, steam room and a relaxation room, alongside a wide range of wellness and beauty treatments and spa packages.


In a competitive market such as London, the spa team needed to boost efficiency in the back office and allow its reception and therapist teams to focus on enhancing the five-star luxury spa experience for its visitors.


With the Premier spa system encoded in the hotel’s DNA, the marketing team was focused on driving increased numbers of bookings for their luxurious packages and treatments. It was important to remove the friction in booking which was a slow, manual task for both the customer and reception team.


In October 2022, the hotel installed a new booking flow to make it easier for guests,  “With onejourney, booking is much easier, it flows,” said Stephanie Romero, Marketing Executive, InterContinental London - The O2, citing improvements to the customer booking experience and overall customer journey since installing the booking platform.


The integration of online retail platform onejourney with its existing Premier Software makes it simple for the spa’s team to create new packages or treatments, including easy ordering display to prioritise what is shown to online users and support the business’ need periods. With 60% of bookings now via mobile website it has helped the booking experience.


Said Romero: “Premier Software and onejourney’s direct connection is amazing. The systems’ integration has massively improved our operations and customer service. Premier also integrates easily with our PMS, providing a wide range of reports which we can adapt to any of our departmental needs.” 


Continued Romero: “It’s made our life much easier. It’s good to understand how the numbers are going, what packages are popular, booking behaviours - this information helps us support the business and understand where to focus for improvement.”


For the spa at InterContinental London - The O2, the improved technology stack is helping it maximise its understanding of spa users, streamline booking and administrative processes, and rejuvenating its business by freeing the team to focus on in-person engagement, maximising revenue from each booking, and sourcing new clientele.

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