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Press Release: Homelike, Europe’s marketplace for 30+ day rentals, officially launches in the U.S.

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

The best-in-class rental platform for extended stay travel bookings expands into NYC

New York, NY — (November 10, 2021) Homelike, the leading online marketplace for 30+ day, furnished apartment rentals, announced today that it will expand its operations into the U.S. for the first time— starting in New York City. The Europe-based tech company, which currently hosts 100,000+ furnished apartments across 500+ European cities on its rapidly-growing platform, plans to further expand its U.S. operations to new markets in 2022.

Since the start of the pandemic, Homelike has seen a significant increase in demand for its services driven by factors like the increase in travel flexibility due to remote work, the platform’s innovative, cutting-edge technology, and the growing shift towards digitization of real estate operations at-large. In 2021, Homelike generated steady double-digit growth in revenue month over month, 2x above pre-pandemic levels. The company has also generated 3x more rental income for property owners compared to the year before, and doubled the number of property owners who are averaging $50k+ in rental income on the platform per month.

“The way people live and work is changing rapidly, but booking extended apartment rentals remains a painful and agency-driven experience. The U.S. has become one of our most requested new markets, and we’re excited to launch our platform in the country,” said founder Dustin Figge. “Our mission, wherever we are, is to be travelers’ first choice for extended stays. That’s why we’ve built industry-leading technology to provide an intuitive, trustworthy platform that makes renting an apartment for an extended stay seamless from start to finish.”

"For two years Homelike has been an excellent partner for Blueground, providing our company with a seamless user experience, great support and market insights. They consistently send us high quality mid term stay demand for our apartments, making this a solid relationship for us in four of our global markets," said Andreas Nezeritis, Co-Founder and Director of Channel Marketing & Photography at Blueground -- a long-time Homelike supply partner in Europe and now the U.S. "We're thrilled about their expansion to the U.S. and are excited to work with their team to reach new milestones."

Homelike provides a best-in-class customer experience for property owners and tenants alike, with a platform that makes it simple to list, discover, compare, book and manage high-quality furnished apartments. Homelike offers tech-enabled services like instant bookings, recurring payments, invoice management and digital rental contracts to replace time-consuming offline processes— ensuring tenants can move in quickly and efficiently.

Property owners who list with Homelike enjoy significant and consistent demand for extended stays from the company’s international, high-quality client base, who rent for 90 days at a time on average. Homelike’s tech-enabled platform delivers availability management and price recommendations backed by real-time data, while the company’s dedicated account managers and reservations team provide on-demand support, market reports and other value-added services.

For tenants, Homelike provides a seamless search experience, booking flexibility, transparent rental agreements, and offers rental value insurance 10x the worth of the property. Homelike’s reservations team ensures that tenants are supported from the moment of booking interest until move-in is complete.

About Homelike Homelike is Europe’s leading online marketplace for long-term, furnished apartment rentals. We provide a best-in-class booking experience for high-quality apartments for 30 nights and more from professional landlords. Homelike helps executives, professionals, digital nomads, expatriates, consultants, and trainees from around the world find appropriate accommodation quickly and conveniently online.

For more information, and to sign up as a supplier, visit

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