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Press Release: Escape to Europe this winter for the best value mid-term rentals

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

  • Homelike has compared the average price of mid-term rental accommodation in 20 European cities in 2021*

  • Digital nomads, winter sun seekers and Christmas market fans will find affordable accommodation in the likes of Berlin, Vienna and Barcelona

Frankfurt (Germany), 1,218 euros

Berlin (Germany),1,281 euros

Hamburg (Germany), 1,337 euros

Madrid (Spain), 1,412 euros

Stuttgart (Germany) 1,426 euros

Vienna (Austria), 1,432 euros

04 October 2021: Whether you’re a digital nomad, living in-between homes or just looking for a mid to long term affordable rental, Homelike has found that the best places to do this are in some of Europe’s most exciting cities.

As life in the UK appears to be getting harder due to a combination of increased gas prices, food and fuel shortages, Brexit and the onset of winter, the thought of escaping it all for a month or longer is something that can be affordable for most budgets, according to the property rental platform Homelike.

According to Homelike’s research of properties available via its platform, some of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities have seen rental prices fall, making them especially appealing to digital nomads and business travellers seeking a cost effective option for European accommodation.

So whether the thought of a winter amongst Europe’s famous Christmas markets or basking in the warmth of Spain’s favourable winter climate appeals, there are properties that can be rented for under 1,000 euros per month. This is considerably less than the UK, where has found that average rental prices in London sit at a whopping £1,583!

Top ten cheapest European cities and their average monthly rental for mid-term accommodation:

Cologne (Germany), 994 euros

Dusseldorf (Germany), 1,103 euros

Bonn (Germany), 1,132 euros

Barcelona (Spain), 1,464 euros

Commenting on the rental prices, Louis Mann from Homelike said: “For Brits looking for an extended stay of over one month in Europe this winter, whether it be for business or leisure, there are some great value options to be found. These include properties in some of Germany and Spain’s most vibrant and interesting cities. This is a fantastic opportunity to spend time in Europe for those who are able. As working from home looks set to continue well into 2022, the option to work from somewhere different and save money while doing so has to be very appealing.”


*Research based on analysis of the average price of mid-term rental in 2020 and 2021 of the properties available to rent via Homelike’s platform.

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