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Coffee Sessions to all marketing and lead generation

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

It’s been a tough year, and we want to end it by giving something back and helping you prepare for 2021 in advance.

We will be offering our support and advice to those looking to better understand the world of marketing communications with a series of fun and informal coffee sessions. And you’re invited.

Taking place in our new virtual world, come to one of our series of 45-minute sessions, (max. 7 participants), where you can ‘meet’ our team, learn more about specific areas of marketing and a chance to get specialist knowledge from us - ask us anything you like.

Sessions take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with each one having a specific


See the sessions below, and email or to confirm which you’d like to join (welcome to choose more than one).

Places are limited, allocated on a first come, first service basis.

We’d love it if you can join us, and see out the year with plans for 2021.

Friday 20 November @ 14.30

Friday 4 December @ 14.30

Theme: Marketing 2021 - what to prepare for

  • How to identify aims and objectives

  • Making your proposition accessible and understood

  • Understanding the value and benefits you offer

  • Knowing your buyer profiles and purchase barriers

Monday 30 November @ 09.30

Wednesday 16 December @ 14.30

Theme: Building lead generation strategies

  • Finding new buyers in a virtual world

  • Challenges in developing lead acquisition and driving sales

  • How best to connect and network when options are limited

  • Developing your sales funnel and using content

Monday 23 November @ 09.30

Friday 11 December @ 14.30

Theme: How PR can work for you right now

  • How to set goals for 2021 and plan

  • Creating your personal news agenda

  • Building a media database

  • Role of other marketing channels in PR

Wednesday 25 November @ 14.30

Monday 7 December @ 09.30

Theme: Creating engaging and relevant copy

  • Know your customers and buyer profiles

  • Understanding your key messages and their use

  • Knowing your goal and sticking to it

  • Creating call to actions (CTA)

Friday 27 November @ 14.30

Wednesday 9 December @ 14.30

Theme: Content and building a plan

  • Content types and their influence

  • Building a sales funnel with the right content

  • Creating a content plan

  • Developing content relevant to buyer types

Wednesday 2 December @ 14.30 (Sam may not be available)

Monday 14 December @ 09.30

Theme: Digital marketing and the infrastructure

  • Reviewing your digital marketing infrastructure

  • Using databases and email campaigns

  • Boosting SEO and building domain authority

  • The use of content across outreach channels

Email us or to confirm which you’d like to join (welcome to choose more than one).

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