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Catching a buyer in personalised journeys

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Managing the marketing sales funnel is trickier now than it ever has been; while there are some fantastic tools to help compile data and refine the delivery of marketing campaigns, sales strategies and customer service - as the travel industry shows - the buyer is becoming all the more complex.

An econsultancy blog - How travel industry trends are fragmenting the customer journey - details the data analysis of holiday purchases, the complexities of understanding how to effectively capture a customer, and identifies the challenges all sellers have.

The marketing sales funnel is forever changing, the dynamics of customer buying habits changing as frequently as communication technologies and latest trends - however this does not mean that a business needs to be forever chasing the new and innovative approach. Instead, it's important to build strong foundations, utilising data to help optimise existing channels and maintain consistency of brand, personality, product offering with a good flair of creativity.

catch baseball
It's not always easier to catch the customer, but there are some techniques to improve your chances

Just like no-one buyer is identical, a businesses DNA is built by its people, and customer loyalty will be driven by the connection it has with the business. Connecting with the buyer on their level has never been so more important than today.

Top tips to ensuring you connect:

  1. Regular updates by email and social media - don't over do it though, a consistent approach that is relevant to your product while also referencing the reasons why they are your subscriber. Keep these at the heart of your message.

  2. Personal - engage with them when they contact you. Don't ignore their replies or likes or questions with wishy-washy FAQs, build that community with the personal touch, after all - word of mouth is the strongest form of marketing.

  3. Data - look at what works best and repeat this approach. Don't do it because you want to - do it because your buyers like it.

If you're struggling to understand the marketing sales funnel, or finding that your messages to customers and buyers fall on deaf ears - get in contact, we can have an initial chat to see what you can do to improve those results.

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