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Press Release: BD4's Personalization Cleared for Take-Off at Royal Air Maroc

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

BD4 wins at the airline’s inaugural Digital Open Innovation Awards and initiates project to improve engagement with anonymous website users

Frankfurt, Germany - 16 August 2022: BD4 has been named a winner in the inaugural Digital Open Innovation Awards by Royal Air Maroc and will launch a project this Autumn to improve the airline’s engagement with anonymous website users.

The program - in partnership with Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Morocco - saw the airline collaborate with students and researchers from the university, along with national and international startup companies to develop solutions across nine key business challenges.

Initial applications were received from 300 groups, with 18 invited to a bootcamp week in Marrakech from 26-30 June 2022. Throughout the week, competitors further developed their concepts before presenting the solutions to airline representatives. Seven winners were named and now move on to implementing a Proof of Concept with Royal Air Maroc’s business teams.

BD4 claimed the ‘Data Driven Solutions’ category, with their entry utilizing AI and Machine Learning to optimize engagement with anonymous users at the start of their booking journey on Royal Air Maroc’s website.

“Participating in the competition was rewarding in itself, with our team energized by the community of innovators and thriving in the week-long intense bootcamp,” says Mario Bellinzona, Chief Commercial Officer at BD4. “To win was a bonus, and we’re excited to work with Royal Air Maroc in implementing the solution to improve their direct booking and customer engagement metrics. The competition shows their dedication to innovation and drive for continual improvement, and we look forward to helping their revenue fly high with our personalization solutions.”

BD4’s technology brings real-time data together with loyalty data to create the ultimate ecommerce tool. Find out more at

About BD4

BD4 enables businesses to know what their customers want – before they want it. With its AI-driven 1:1 personalization, BD4 transforms ecommerce companies into customer-centric businesses, enabling them to understand and reflect each individual’s needs at the same time at scale.

BD4 is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), with account executives in several markets including UK, US, France and Spain. The company is majority-owned by dnata, part of the Emirates Group. Discover more at

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