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5 things to do in Partnerships now

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Don't feel you need to do all the legwork yourself. More hands make light work and this is exactly why you should invest in your partner stakeholder group.

For many, you either spent the past year trying to juggle a million tasks while people were furloughed, or.... you were furloughed. While there were plenty of webinars, networking was indeed a bit of a challenge.

But it's time to make sure you have your partner plan firmly in place and start to make in road by building robust relationships across their business, and doing joint activities to support commercial growth.

5 things to do in Partnerships now

  1. Find new friends - identify businesses and influencers that complement your products and services, or will add value to your business and customers. Get in contact with them and make sure they are aware of your business, proposition and opportunities

  2. Create a referral programme - become a revenue generator for your partners by offering them a chance to be a referral partner. Have a clear proposition and offer in place for every new customer they introduce to your business.

  3. Provide Help documents - produce a playbook for your partners that provides all the information and details on your product and partnership. A document with FAQs and your value framework will give them something to reference.

  4. Inform and educate - arrange interactive webinar sessions for your partners so you can train their teams on your products. Make it an open forum for them to ask questions and learn about the sector and the industry in the process.

  5. Market to their network - develop a joint promotion with your partners to reach out to their network. Consider how you can use guest blog posts, social media, and webinars to the best effect

The engaged your partner is to your programme, the more you'll benefit from them, and they can benefit from you. Be realistic with expectations, and find the common ground for opportunity.

Get in contact if you'd like to discuss your partner programme plan further

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