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Making a promise to your business

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

A business is more than a money-making machine, it'll become your life. It's your job; you need satisfaction, pleasure, and enjoyment. Your company's success rests on your well-being. Make a promise to your business that you'll respect yourself and your beliefs!

Making a decision to build my consultancy has been born from the inherent desire for job satisfaction, aware that there are so many small businesses that really need marketing support and management, yet don't have the finance or internal resources allowed me to explore this opportunity.

However, it's no easy nor quick decision - the type of business I create matters to me most, and I have taken the time to explore my internal motivations.

I choose consultancy for flexibility in delivery, diversity in projects, and personal reward. I choose Dorset for quality lifestyle, incredible locations, and my love of the outdoors. Marketing and communications is a profession and a passion - and on time away to experience the wider world, I recognise how I revel in results I achieve through market insight and responding to industry trends, while practically addressing how businesses can optimise and improve their position.

Whether it is building presence in the industry through events, conferences or public relations; or, hosting roundtables, workshops or sales roadshows. Fundamentally, I take the values of the product and service combined with the personality of the company and translate them into clear messages and propositions to demonstrate the USP – to capture customers’ attention to help secure more sales.

This above all matters to me most, and if I can build a consultancy where I can help other businesses grow, I will have achieved my mission.

So, today, I bring together over 15 years’ experience of working with SMEs and global businesses on the full marketing mix, where I am:

- Passionate about business and keen to build on existing success

- Adept and flexible to support all marketing needs

- Creative and strategic to help with the positioning for growth

- Results focused; working closely with clients for clear KPIs – SMART!

- Working with budgets; to maximise my clients investment for the greater return

- Aiming for long-term success not just immediate results

- Straight-talking and practical support

I hope you join me in my journey, as I make this promise to my business, and myself.

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