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‘Infinite Selling’ confronts the business identity crisis hindering revenue transformation

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Matt Webb and James Barton lift the lid on the challenges of revenue transformation to re-envision a new sales ethos and methodology for today’s modern buyers

‘Infinite Selling’ confronts the business identity crisis  hindering revenue transformation

Hemel Hempstead, UK – 30 October 2023: Infinite Selling: The Modern Approach to High-Velocity Revenue Generation and Realisation challenges business leaders' notion of sales and revenue generation within today’s digital landscape and ever-evolving complex buyer cycles.

Authored by Matt Webb (CEO) and James Barton (Chief Solutions Officer) of UK revenue transformation company Mentor Group, the book unveils a new methodology - INFINITE - designed to transform revenue generation and maximise performance at every touchpoint throughout the customer lifecycle.

INFINITE tackles both the revenue and qualification strategies, as well as outlining key attributes revenue enablement leaders require to power through success, such as digital literacy, buyer-centricity, strategic thinking, continuous learning, revenue orientation and key value drivers.

Formed from an acronym for commercial success, INFINITE confronts each stage of a buyer’s journey: Interest, Need, Friction, Intent, Navigate, Inspire, Timing and Execute.

The Modern Approach to High Velocity Revenue Generation and Realisation

The book gives business leaders an insight into how to transform business with a 50% increase in deal size, a 28% increase in revenue win rates, and a 40% increase in cross-selling. The award-winning pair confront the inherent business challenges of siloed marketing, sales and customer service departments, reimagining core internal and buyer relationships.

This brand-new end-to-end selling process, methodology and ethos transcends the traditional way of thinking to incorporate a true vision of Revenue Transformation. Infinite Selling also drives discussion around the crucial but often overlooked aspect of mental fitness and resilience, equipping sellers and sales leaders with the tools and skills to maintain a positive mental framework to withstand the pressures and challenges of the modern sales environment.

An award-winning business that counts Lenovo, Adobe, Syngenta and Infor amongst its international customers, Mentor Group’s Revenue Velocity Accelerator provides a fully integrated, scalable revenue transformation offering designed to revamp revenue performance.​

Said Webb: “At Mentor Group, we’re focused on enabling our partners to acquire and maintain customers efficiently, maximising revenue gained through each stage of the customer's journey by focusing on delivering great customer experiences. With over 30 years of commercial experience, working across a variety of industries, we’ve followed the lead of others as well as carved our own path. Distilling that knowledge into a new revenue methodology to re-enable revenue allows us to share our expertise with others in a way that will empower revenue leaders of today and tomorrow.”

Said Barton: “Sales is a noble craft, but it’s too often talked about in terms reserved for the dark arts. It cannot be left to one department or team but should be the fabric of the business and culture. Infinite Selling peels back the curtain to reveal a new holistic and fundamentally modern approach. Embracing our INFINITE methodology will require a paradigm shift, but one that will deliver exponential results.”

The book is published by 10-10-10 Publishing, a leading publisher in non-fiction and business oriented titles, and will be available to purchase on Amazon from October 2023.

A complementary tool kit, designed for Infinite Selling readers and those eager to find out more about the methodology, will be available to download from Mentor Group’s website (

Infinite Selling is available at Amazon for £19.99 (paperback) or £9.99 (Kindle). Discover more about Mentor Group at

About Mentor Group -

Mentor Group is a digital-first, revenue transformation specialist focused on productivity, performance and growth. Established in 1996, Mentor Group enables businesses to optimise revenue performance and inspire teams to deliver tangible ROI.

The Mentor Group is an Institute of Sales Professionals Endorsed Training Provider with over 25 years’ experience driving effective change within organisations, delivering services in 68 countries and 30 languages. Mentor Group works with global brands and SMEs including Dell, Adobe, Orange Business Services, Guerbet, Fujitsu, and Lenovo.

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