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Changing nature of Design in a digital world

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Design, brand and visual identity are crucial to any company’s marketing strategies. While design utilises both text and graphics, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it processes text.

We’ve witnessed a huge shift towards digital content, and being able to share well-designed digital content will be crucial to both sales and workflow pipelines. Interactive content, ebooks, infographics and digital presentations will become more widespread their accessibility amongst remote teams and clients.

Minimalism will make a massive resurgence, almost to the point of becoming the default style. Minimalist styles look clean, spacious and luxurious, which will be just what is needed after a period of physical isolation and lockdown.

Alternative infographics will become popular, especially those utilising illustration and photography, with a move toward more image heavy designs that encourages interaction from the reader.

With the virus changing how we shop and spend, brands need to think carefully about their message and utilise design accordingly. Brand messaging will become even more vital to the health of a company, especially digitally.

Designers have long been seen as creative problem solvers, more used to thinking outside the box. This natural tendency towards abstract solutions will be a great asset to companies that can properly utilise it.

What you should be doing now

There are several things you can get started on immediately to ensure your design, brand and collateral are in a strong position:

  • Create a brandbook for your team with a central library of marketing assets and instructions to ensure you remain consistent

  • Source imagery which conveys your value proposition to connect with your audience

  • Review your current brand and sales marketing assets - are you telling a story. Which assets are performing better than others

  • Expand your media assets - consider digital first with a range of assets from graphics, to explainer videos, presentations and user guides.

  • Get the experts in - Don’t be tempted to drastically change things yourself. Getting experts to do the work for you will save time and provide higher returns.

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