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5 ways to improve digital visibility

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

It's all about the digital. Consumers and business professionals were forced to ditch their traditional analogue way of doing things. Out were phone calls for zoom meetings, in were fast food deliveries, and grandma is now using an app to access her money. Forget conferences, it is all about LinkedIn.

As such, moving forward begin optimising the performance of your content and digital channels incrementally to benefit from increased visibility, engagement and recognition for your efforts.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but those that will enable you to begin to profit from the time and investment that you're putting into your website and content. These 5 tips are to enable you to improve the visibility of your site across search engines and increase the most relevant traffic to secure the right leads and buyers.

1. Create backlinks to boost SEO - provide content to third party websites

Look at your blog content and consider how useful your insights and experiences can be to the wider industry sector and your target audience. Turn them into opinion articles or feature ideas and pitch them to journalists and key publications.

Publishing articles on third party websites, or securing media mentions often provide a link to your website - backlinks - which are incredibly valuable. The more websites that sign post and connect to your website with live embedded links the more google and search engines recognise this effort and improve your visibility in search rankings.

Look to the websites with strong audiences or with a good Domain Authority (DA), the better the DA the more impressive the backlink that will have greater impact on your search results and SEO efforts.

EASY WIN - Speak to your partners and ask them if they'll take a guest blog post.

2. Assess visitor activity - evolve content accordingly to drive conversion and sales values

Review the performance of your website through your website analytics. Check key metrics including Bounce Rate (you want to reduce this), Page views (you want to increase this - or streamline), Duration (you want to increase this - or streamline), Popular pages (you want to optimise the performance of these for lead generation or to drive the sales).

That's just a start. But by looking at what content is engaging your visitors, and which are turning them off you can begin to develop the most useful content. Ensure your content speaks to the right buyer profile, you may have more than one type of buyer, so you'll need to develop a content plan to target each of them and their pain points and barriers to purchase.

EASY WIN - Link content internally on your website to keep visitors exploring your site.

3. Organic SEO - ensure keywords are consistent across all content

Understand the keywords that communicate your offering, drive search results and help you stand out as a competitor. Investing in keywords across all your content throughout all your digital channels will support your overall SEO efforts.

Spend time learning which keywords are working, and are most relevant for your buyer types. It's not about you and your products and services, it's about your audience and what they are searching for. You need to make sure these keywords feature in most pieces of content and throughout your website.

EASY WIN - make sure your website tags are up to date

4. Optimise landing pages - Talk to your audience taking into account their expectations

Keywords and search results should indicate the content that visitors should expect when they click the link. You'll turn them off and increase your bounce rate if the content isn't relevant to their search results.

This is especially recognised in PPC - Google Adwords - there's nothing worse than landing on a page that has nothing to do with the search result or the google adwords. In fact you risk turning away potential prospects.

Even if you want to capture traffic from competitors or key players in your industry - consider how the content can talk to your visitors expectations and why those keywords are relevant to your products and services.

EASY WIN - set up landing pages focused on specific keywords

5. Generate regular blog posts - keep site dynamic and recognised by search engines.

Feed your digital channels with fresh content. Communicate your key messages, your USPs and value proposition through your blog. By publishing articles on a regular basis not only do search engines recognise that you website is alive, but you begin to store more credit in the search results.

Seed links to your blog posts across all your digital marketing channels, targeting specific buyers. This content can act as capturing new leads in your sales funnel, or help to convince engaged prospects and push them through the funnel.

Use your blog to present your business and its values and personality to give an insiders view of your business.

EASY WIN - four themes for four blogs a month 1) new customers or case studies 2) trending topics 3) product insight 4) team updates

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