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Photographs & Memories - Peter Gerstle - Growing up as a transatlantic kid

Our next guest was inspired by his relatives in Switzerland as a kid working in hospitality, where on becoming an adult chose to go to hotel school - and readily admits “hospitality is a really hard business”. This episode, our memory maker saw the maiden voyage and final flight of  Concord in NYC and London, as he hovered between two continents having been born in the US by European parents.

Peter Gerstle has worked in travel with IHG, EasyJet, Pegasus and Coillinsons. He shares his memories of being a transatlantic child passing through Iceland regularly and the lessons he’s learnt from travelling “It all tends to work out.” He swears by his approach to travel - “May all your wishes come true bar one, to always have something to strive for and look forward to. On everyone's bucket list you should never see everything.”

Listen to Peter Gerstle’s stories and how a cake came to end up at Everest base camp and why for him it’s important to take your travels back home through a souvenir to extend the memory.

In the new Photographs & Memories series, our guests - Memory Makers - choose three photographs and a treasured souvenir recalling places and people from their travels. It’s an intimate look at the moments important to them, whether personally or professionally. The items transport the Memory Maker on a journey back in time, giving them the chance to reflect on the significance of life’s moments and the impact on themselves and the world around them. We hope it’s a journey you enjoy.


Produced by Travel Market Life, a Haynes MarComs series. Hosted and sponsored by Atomize.


For more episodes and details of the series, visit Photographs & Memories.

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