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Photographs & Memories - Kristie Goshow: Filling the filofax of life

Born in Holland, our memory maker soon saw that the world was a great opportunity, offering the flexibility to come and go while learning about new cultures and places. Travel is part of her DNA. Kristie recalls her time on Zandvoort Beach collecting bottles where she met her lifelong friend, connecting across language barriers.


Kristie reflects on how travel gives a thirst for knowledge and curiosity; “If one can be exposed to new places, or see people go and come back - it takes away any fear of leaving your safety zone.” From graduating as a mature student in 1997, to spending 9 years living and working in Dubai, Kristie was keen to make the most of every opportunity “Life’s too short, you’ve got to make sure you have fun in everything you do.”


She looks at the travel that gave her the key landmarks in her life, and fondly remembers the importance of her filofax, red mini cooper and her piece of the Berlin wall. In Kristie’s Fawlty Towers moment, find out why the bathroom curtain’s came to her aid in a roadside truck drivers’ B&B.

Kristie lives in Orange County, California, with her husband and two children.


She started her career working with Scandinavian Airlines and Virgin Atlantic before moving into hospitality. She has worked for hotel brands including Le Meridien, Jumeirah and Viceroy Hotel Group and Preferred Hotels & Resorts. During her 9-year stint in the Middle East she exercised her entrepreneurial passions in launching Table4Me


Kristie is recognized by HSMAI as one of the top 25 extraordinary minds, and is currently the Chief Commercial Officer with KSL Resorts. Kristie serves as a member of the HTNG Executive Leadership Group, and AHLA’s ForWard Advisory Committee, where it is her mission to advance women in hospitality. 

Each episode we invite an industry professional to share 2 photographs and a treasured souvenir from their travels representing moments particularly important to them. Join us as we go on a journey through time to explore the significance of each.


A Travel Market Life series, a Haynes MarComs production. Hosted and sponsored by Atomize. 

For more episodes and details of the series, visit Photographs & Memories.

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