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Photographs & Memories - Gene Quinn: Celebrating the influence of Philip Wolf

Life has a funny way of teaching us, and for our first Memory Maker key life lessons have been learned through fishing and travel. Spending 200 days in the year 2000 fishing, Gene Quinn soon learnt the peace of mind of being in a place larger than him, realising the environment is on top of man-kind. This maverick and late-blooming entrepreneur shares how his life changed when he met Philip Wolf.

In the first episode of our new series Photographs and Memories, Gene shares his life and travel experiences through three photographs and a souvenir of the places that have influenced him. Starting out as a sports journalist to becoming an entrepreneur at 50 after a career in digital media, we hear his tales of travelling Patagonia, exploring glaciers and hiking trails to the tip of Americas as the conclusion of a 12-year journey. 

From the Chicago Tribune to Viacom, the sale of Phocuswright and forming Confluence Partners, Gene has had an illustrious career. Best known as the co-founder of Tnooz (now PhocusWire) in 2009, he pays homage to friend and mentor - Philip Wolf: “He was one of the first forecasters of what digital travel was going to be in the late 1980s.”

Listen to his tales of trout fishing, building a school in Malawi, working across multiple industries and his admiration of astronauts and nautical explorers, plus how he lost three toenails. Gene reminds us that when it comes to travel “Don’t pick one favourite place, pick one you don’t know and go learn.”


In the new Photographs & Memories series, our guests - Memory Makers - choose three photographs and a treasured souvenir recalling places and people from their travels. It’s an intimate look at the moments important to them, whether personally or professionally. The items transport the Memory Maker on a journey back in time, giving them the chance to reflect on the significance of life’s moments and the impact on themselves and the world around them. We hope it’s a journey you enjoy.


Produced by Travel Market Life, a Haynes MarComs series. Hosted and sponsored by Atomize.

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