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Photographs & Memories - Christine Tan: Pressing for attention

Our next memory maker dreamed of being in hospitality, persuading her father to send her to hotel school. Christine Tan takes us on her journey from an Island in West Malaysia to Switzerland, London, Los Angeles and Singapore joining UTELL fresh out of college to coordinate the switch of hotels to GDS. Her souvenir is a press cutting from this time, and she reflects on how things have changed since 1989.

Christine always knew travel was important to her “I wanted to climb the highest mountain and swim the deepest sea before having kids.” She recounts her 4,000 metre ascent of Mount Kinabalu, a brutal climb passing over rough terrain, tackling steep elevations with no conversation as air became thinner, eventually arriving at a breathtaking sunrise. “If you ask me to do it again, I’d take the helicopter”. From here she tells about an oceanic Island  and her joy to swim with sharks in the Philippines as she witnessed the transformation of this small town.

Christine shares her Fawlty Towers story about a guest suffering severe jet lag.

Born in Malaysia Christine left home at 17 to study in Switzerland and London and ended up living all over Europe and the USA; eventually returning to Asia 20 years later. She juggles her career with motherhood, having had her daughter late in life. She is passionate about the arts, and the hospitality industry.

A big foodie Christine will travel long distances to experience different cuisines. Her family loves the ocean and snow so they spend most of their vacations diving off remote islands or skiing in Japan and USA.

Until recently, Christine served as Managing Director for Asia Pacific at D-EDGE. She has over 30 years of leadership experience including Trust International, ANA Hotels, Pegasus Solutions, and her own consulting company.

Each episode we invite an industry professional to share 2 photographs and a treasured souvenir from their travels representing moments particularly important to them. Join us as we go on a journey through time to explore the significance of each.


A Travel Market Life series, a Haynes MarComs production. Hosted and sponsored by Atomize.

For more episodes and details of the series, visit Photographs & Memories.

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