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Michael Reynolds, Maximise Revenue changing PMS in 7 days

In this episode we speak with Michael Reynolds, a revenue and hotel tech consultant with Maximise Revenue who has worked with chains including Village hotels, easy hotels PLC as well as independent properties.

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For Michael it’s about moving away from legacy systems to maximise revenue, optimise system performance and processes and enable hotels to be more savvy. As part of his Procurement research, Michael said “following experience and having to research new systems in the past, I knew the main players but wanted to look at up and coming providers to see the opportunities. It was a tick box exercise, with one main criteria being an Open API, to continue linking more and more to it. We quickly discarded a few PMS for this reason. Then a quick demo, to see how easy it is to use and how quick to onboard. It was done during lockdown, so was a very lastminute idea and we knew we had to turn it around asap. In 6 weeks of lockdown we did this all remotely and completed the installation.”

Connecting the PMS

Michael has been building the hotel tech stack around Property Management System (PMS) Apaleo integrating connected systems to improve the guest experience including door lock integrations, a guest app, passport checker and distribution connections for greater efficiencies and control.

Michael has been able to automate and make virtual the reception while utilising connections that has enabled the hotel to make local tax payments more efficient with a guest data platform and the integration of the financial system Datev into the PMS compiling top level revenues and taxes into a report for monthly tax returns. While also ensuring smoother distribution and more control by using Direct, Expedia direct and Siteminder for smaller OTAs.

“Hotels need a base system to link from. A PMS with Open API provides the links so I can integrate other systems going forward. Apaleo has a really simple customer frontend and its Store links other systems with a good level of support, for additional value.” In just seven days Michael onboarded Apaleo with everything completely configured ready for testing.

Making the change

Michael explains the best way of changing PMS for a small hotel and how to build the right distribution networks and run the relevant tests, and in particular th benefits of Cloud-based systems. Throughout the entire tech stack change Michael did not have to rely or use an IT consultant in the property, purely working with system providers to make the change.

For Michael the change in the tech stack enables existing staff to be more front facing with increased direct guest engagement to improve the experience.

As a result, using new tech Michael has increased revenue as the hotel continues offering services that other hotels cannot, like ordering room service on the mobile via guest experience app. Even with the pandemic, Michael has increased ancillary revenues for the hotel.

Listen or watch Michael’s story now to find out how h made such a successful change in such little time, and all remotely.

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