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Please find below a sample of some of the projects I have led on behalf of my clients over the past 10 years. This is not an exhaustive list, but will show a broad range of activities which may reflect your needs.

Over a chat, I can give you more information on these marketing strategies and the businesses behind them.

Just some of our recent work


Haynes MarComs has proved to be a real content partner for Criton. The team shows its specialism in hospitality across revenue management, marketing and technology producing a series of insightful and educational eBooks. They provide a clear process that reduces our workload and delivers a high-end well-designed product.

- Stefano Ragusa, Senior Marketing Executive, Criton

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Website (small 10-person company)

travel guide website for ski and snow destinations (three-month project)

The ski travel website had been operating for nearly ten years, achieving growth due to providing fresh, authentic content and optimising SEO. However, new competition and changes to Google, as well as the need to find new revenue streams was putting the company in jeopardy. The website needed to find a way to optimise its assets to grow traffic, increase conversion of bookings and retain existing advertising clients. The two founders requested strategic support, this included:

  • Website review identifying ways to utilise content to build engagement and develop a contact traveller database.

  • A plan to introduce digital sales and call to actions across all webpages

  • A marketing plan to drive visits/conversion, and increase the number of page visits

  • Providing a guide the founders with simple practical steps to develop a business plan

  • Skeleton examples of newsletters and communication materials to be used across site

  • Implementation of data acquisition tools across all pages

Tech SME

hotel revenue management company (two-year retained client)

The business needed communications support, and with linguistic challenges and minimal industry insight and connections, sought ongoing content creation and communications management. Working at 20 hours a month, the deliverables included

  • Press releases and media distribution, journalist engagement and coverage monitoring

  • Creation of content for marketing collateral, blog and direct email emails targeting UK, German, Middle East and Turkish markets

  • Creation of industry reports from company hotel data to show trends in the market place for placement in Middle East travel industry publications, and use in workshops and sales presentations

  • Redevelopment of sales and business presentations

Leading consumer travel website

ROLE: PR Manager & Social Media Specialis


Joining at an interesting time when the company was consolidating into one global brand name and moving to a single platform, the main competitor had the lion-share of the media coverage and had made inroads to the core customer market.

The biggest hurdle was fraud, its legacy platform allowed fraudsters to penetrate accounts and rob thousands of pounds from holidaymakers booking their holiday homes. This resulted in daily battles for the Trust and Security team for both holidaymakers and homeowners, but also for the PR and social media team alongside customer service to manage the brand reputation.

December 2013 was the start of a media onslaught focusing on the lack of security in the website systems and risk to travellers. Crisis Management was the core focus of UK PR; where I worked tackling media investigation from Watchdog, Rip-Off Britain, Daily Mail and Daily Express - among others. Here we led the crisis management procedures globally, rewrote the media responses, developed a customer and social media response playbook, and made urgent product changes.

      In addition

  • PR coverage from local/regional to national focus: audience growth of 100%

  • Grew social media platforms by 250% - use of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, LinkedIn

  • Blog and content development including daily content optimisation for traffic and engagement targets using videos, vines, contests, PR, UGC

  • Grew positive traffic growth from social channel (+23% YoY)

  • Developed PR partnerships and social media competition partnerships

Niche travel guide

Gay & Lesbian travel guide (independent investors)

ROLE: content producer, marketing, business partner developer

A group of investors had developed an idea to target the gay and lesbian community with a centralised travel offering. The aim was to focus on delivery of fresh and owned content on travel destinations and resorts, while building partners with the global travel industry.  The delivery included:

  • Writing destination content for over 300 locations including bars, restaurants, clubs, accommodation details and reviews

  • Social media content and delivery

  • Production of video content

  • PR and Marketing to LGBT audience worldwide

  • Audience and member development

  • Business partnership development including a booking provider, competition partners and outreach partners

  • Product development

Tech start-up

hotel central reservation system (three-month project)

The start-up had an idea, developed it in Silicon Valley and began to build a team across Europe - however with limited knowledge and understanding of the travel technology industry they sought advice and insight on developing the corporate communications plan. As part of the consultancy, they received;

  • A five-year global communications plan including competitor positioning benchmark, data trends and insights, a 12-month and three year plan to help their marketing manager prepare for growth

  • In addition, business key messages to focus on the fundamental USP and delivery of the business that would be used for all marketing and communications material

  • Training and development of Marketing manager and team

  • A number of creative communications ideas to support overall brand development

Website (5-person business)

online travel agency (project-based support over two years)

This niche travel booking website was looking for exclusive content and expertise on how to target the target market through social and online engagement. In an intensive three-month project over 120 tailored travel guides were created and engagement with some of the leading travel bloggers, as well as a digital content and PR strategy

SME - Phone Apps

Application provider for hotels - guest experience (six-month project)


The aim was to support the existing marketing manager and PR executive to develop a position in the hotel technology space. The small business was diversifying product without making in-roads with the hotel industry, responding to need and demand instead of supplying product. It was essential to simplify the marketing and communications plan to focus on core markets and provide a base product to communicate more effectively to target market. The delivery included:

  • Product marketing roadmap and global communications strategy development

  • Marketing management training to Marketing and Sales teams

Global Hotel Tech

ROLE: Marketing Communications Director 


During my tenure, I positioned the product and company, as a corporate entity, as the ‘go to point’ across the global travel technology press, media and events and thought leader and innovator of revenue management and hotel booking technologies. The portfolio became the benchmark of quality for online distribution, channel connectivity, market intelligence and revenue management solutions to the hospitality industry.

By July 2013, the company had expanded from a 5-man office in London and 80 people in Kolkata, India, to over 250 people worldwide (with a 7-person office in Orland, USA, 25 people in London, UK, 4 people in Singapore, and sales representatives in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, Canada, Brazil, and resellers in Australia and South Africa). Today, the company continues to provide management software programmes, web-based solutions and connectivity integrations for hotel distribution.


In addition:             

  • Member of Management Team, reporting to CEO & COO, leading global communications strategy, events, content and lead generation campaigns while supporting the team with product life-cycles, product deployment, managing agencies and internal teams

  • Managing and leading a team of 5.0 assistants, regional marketing and PR consultants (multi-lingual markets), coordinating 25 sales managers, and inter-departmental management and internal communications

  • Strategically building and executing global PR and media activities disseminating for localisation

  • Coordinating and implementing internal corporate communications processes, supporting cross-departmental initiatives, developing the use of CRM and project management tools

  • Developing and implementing Business Partner Program

  • Negotiating contracts for advertising, exhibitions, sponsorship; Coordinating large stands at industry tradeshows



  • Forming alliances with industry leaders, educational institutions, industry associations and customers

  • Industry Acclaimed report

  • Implemented customer communication processes (newsletters, webinars, infographics, video) including targeted marketing campaigns to client groups to support client revenue growth of 150%

  • Redeveloped website implementing SEO and inbound marketing strategies increasing visits by 40% in first 8 weeks and doubling duration of visits and pages visited

  • Created geo-location specific (and multilingual) e-marketing campaigns increasing sales enquiries/lead acquisition by 40% (achieved record results in Brazil, Mexico, Asia and UK)

  • Implemented customer communication processes including targeted marketing campaigns to client groups to support client growth of 150%


Haynes MarComs supports businesses with strategic brand marcomms and digital and PR

campaigns by taking an holistic approach to sales, marketing and customer delivery. Our aim is to make your business more efficient and productive in your go-to-market strategy to secure the confidence from the market that drives lead generation to meet your commercial goals. 

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