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Challenging industry with thought-leadership campaigns, PR and media engagement

PR = Public Relations

The craft of disseminating the brand message and managing stakeholder audiences, while building dialogue and relationships on the right level across the most amenable channel.

Media Relations

The more specific activity of building rapport with influencers including journalists and social media, creating and managing press announcements to gain media and press exposure.


Taking ownership of the theme, topic and providing insight, educational and specialist knowledge with supportive evidence and data that puts you as a source of expertise and authority.

The RHMC as specialist PR practitioners work to position you as a thought-leader in your industry and across sector topics of relevance; building relationships with the press, pitching news stories and securing interviews and article placement. We manage journalists and influencer engagement across a wide variety of top tier press within your industry.


  • Distribute news announcements

  • Build relationships with influencers

  • Press & media coverage (online news, print, broadcast & blogs)

  • Crisis management

  • Engage with hot topics and features

  • Article and opinion articles

  • News jacking


The RHMC also helps you manage industry relations to enhance your profile, connections, partnerships and influence in your specific sector of business. We help you stand out of the crowd to become one of the first points of contact for comment and involvement.


  • Trade news

  • Speaker opportunities

  • Panel discussion

  • Sponsorship activities



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