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How Point.a uses airline retail as a model


Nick Pilbeam​, Commercial Director for Queensway Hotels and Hospitality operating Point A Hotels joins us in Hoteliers' Voice to look at the influence of airline retail model in the hospitality sector. 

Queensway is a family business founded in 1973 creating meaningful and memorable hospitality experiences. Its portfolio includes hotels, coffee houses, restaurants, residential property and a private member’s club.  Point A Hotels offers cosy, comfortable, budget friendly rooms in the heart of the big city. 

With seven hotels in London, one in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dublin, Point A focuses on providing collaborative, fun and exciting places to work.

S3E6 - Point.a - Nicholas Pilbeam .png

In conversation, we look at:

1.    Tech for leading edge hoteliers

2.    Learnings from airlines sales models

3.    PMS for smart operations

4.    Automation and data

5.     Pricing for profitability 

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