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How H-Hotels transitioned from hotel distribution to ecommerce


Christoph Peppers, Director E‑Commerce for H‑Hotels GmbH joins us on Hoteliers' Voice Season 3 to look at the changes in revenue and distribution as ecommerce takes hold.

The H-Hotels Group operates 61 properties in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Switzerland. The family-run group has over 3,000 employees and includes a number of accommodation brands. 

S3E5 - H-Hotels - Christoph Peppers.png

In conversation, we cover:

  • Changing roles in marketing and ecommerce

  • Building an ecommerce culture

  • Hotel ecommerce tech

  • Identifying and selecting the right systems

Key systems and partners include; GoogleAds, Criteo, Affiliates, vouchers, chatbot, metasearch, retargeting 

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